SIMOTION is a controller available for all machines with motion control tasks, from simple to high-performance. The focus lies on the simple and flexible solution of the widest range of motion control tasks. To satisfy this optimally, a new system concept has been chosen:

The merging of Motion Control with two other control functions, normally present in most machines, PLC and technology functions.

SIMOTION provides three hardware platforms – the controller, the industrial PC and the the drive-based variant. This permits the maximum flexibility for the machine layout. SIMOTION offers a PROFINET interconnection for all platforms. PROFINET meets here the highest demands for the synchronization of drives with regard to the determinism, performance and quantity framework coupled with unlimited openness for standard TCP/IP communications.

 SIMOTION D10, D425, D435, D445

SIMOTION D realizes all motion tasks and motion-related control functions directly in the drive. The Communication Board CBE30 option module that has a four-port switch with integrated IRT is used for the connection of SIMOTION D4x5 to PROFINET.
The SIMOTION D410 single-axis control has an integrated PROFINET interface (D410 PN).


is a PC-based Motion Control system. Windows XP Professional with a real-time extension for SIMOTION is used as the operating system. The MCI-PN option module that has a four-port switch integrated is used for the connection to PROFINET.


SIMOTION C is a modular Motion Control-System in controller design. In addition to already integrated interfaces, this Controller can be extended to include SIMATIC S7-300 I/O modules.
The SIMOTION C240 PN has an onboard PROFINET interface with 3 ports.

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